The Bluefin are still doing it for most of the week. Most of our time has been spent fishing all around what I like to call the “Deli Department”!! The bigger bluefins have been still in the 120lb to 160lb fish and the shorts are coming either 40 to 46 inches so that’s about a 50 lb’er. The water temps are anywhere from 72 to 75. We have had new water push in from the south, very hard current in the middle of week. The weekend has been tough lots of boats and few fish. We managed to work it out though with some nice gaffer dolphin and our two bluefins every day except for Thursday and today, Sunday. However, there seemed to be some good news up north so hopefully, we can get back to some Yellowfins real soon.

Tight Lines!!!
Capt. John Oughton – THAT’S RIGHT
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