We all in one way or another have a bucket list. Things we want to accomplish before we “Check Out”
Thursday and Friday was a pair of Anglers who are on a quest for the ultimate accomplish in the pursuit of Marlin The Royal Slam. The Royal Slam is 9 species of Marlin found through out the world. Billfish Royal Slam (9): Atlantic and Pacific Sailfish, Atlantic and Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, and Spearfish. Pete is at the end of his quest needing a white and a Atlantic Blue Marlin, while Dr. Bahri is in the middle of his quest.

Unfortunatly working up to this trip, Hurricane Irene threatend wether this trip would take place and also once she was gone who knew what she would leave in her wake. Well what she left was a lot of cold water and not so promising prospects for Marlin.

Capt John Reports:
Well we got lucky today and found JUST what we needed. That’s Right had two gentlemen on the boat for thursday and Friday looking to complete there Bill fish list. Fishing with us in hopes to catch there Blue Marlin and there White Marlin. Well we got them there Whites and then some. Had a few Tunas and some real nice Gaffers up to 25 lb’s. We spent most of the day in 1000 fathoms which is where we encountered our Gaffers and some schoolies on a nice weed line, and sure enough there he was swim right up behind the boat chasing a 7lb Dolphin. Nice fish to better part of 600lb’s gave our plug a quick glace and off he went. We did try a live Dolphin for about 30 minutes but to no avail. Trolled our way back inside to 200 fathoms and we started to find more life and better condition, which was a little odd considering we were now in 67 to 70 degree water, but it was clean. So perhaps its going to take another day or two for the water to really settle in, right now it’s been hard to make sense of it.

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