Hands down, this has been the best fishing we have had in years!!!!! We’ve had Tunas, a few Marlins and some nice Gaffer Dolphins are showing up too. “That’s Right” has been sailing every day and we have had some fabulous trips with only one slow day mixed in there. The Yellowfin have been as steady as it comes. It’s been a little tricky some days but overall cover ups most of the time. Yesterday alone we managed 9 out of 12 and missed a few Eyeball bites all in one shot. There was nothing left for them (LOL) so they destroyed me teasers!!! Over the last week we went offshore most of the time, we did mix in a few days with the Bluefins. They have started to show up in greater numbers which has provided some groups with non-stop action. The fish have ranged anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds. It seems that there’s plenty of sand eels and the fish should begin to settle in and provide a great 20 fathom fishery. The Denny group of 15 yesterday let go over 45 fish!!! The kids were loving it! I’m looking forward to a great rest of the week.

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