Really nice offshore today. We had good yellowin action in the morning. Later we fished inshore and found a couple under bluefins. WE also ot a nice 100lb Bluefin to cap off the day. Most of the yellowfins were 50lb class

nice tuna catch offshore
7:41:15 AM

Just a pick so far catch 3 yellows 75.7 clean green water 1-2 chop light winds
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: NW

Lat: N 38°09’44.1936″
Lon: W Live offshore fishing report

7:58:30 AM

Catch a single. Miss a few bites. They are angry today Just got bite again
Speed: 4.37 mph
Course: NNW

Lat: N 38°09’14.9220″
Lon: W 74°13’15.8880″

8:50:45 AM

Good action early, catch a handful of nice Yellowfins. Mostly bait bites, couple bar bites today. Pretty day
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: NW

Lat: N 38°09’57.2076″
Lon: W 74°13’34.4280″

9:04:15 AM

Got slow fast. Back in search mode
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: W

Lat: N 38°10’52.4028″
Lon: W 74°14’11.7348

9:58:00 AM

We a little cold spell Searching. Winds up to 18 knots SW now. Its comming
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: S

Lat: N 38°10’14.6316″
Lon: W 74°13’45.0048″

11:52:30 AM

Ran inshore looking for Bluefins. Catch an under. Hope we can find some more. Spreader bar bite 74.7 green water SW wind about 18 knots now
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: SSW

Lat: N 38°20’05.5716″
Lon: W 74°32’31.2000″

12:32:15 PM

Just catch another under Bluefin. Long rigger bite Little nicer in here. We having fun day
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: E

Lat: N 38°20’19.8276″
Lon: W 74°32’22.8588″
offshore fishing report bluefin

1:12:30 PM

Just catch an over 51″. Getting lucky. Nobody around. One more under we need now
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: WSW

Lat: N 38°20’42.2268″
Lon: W 74°31’45.4656″

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