Things were a little rough today. We had a good day in spite of having to fish with very light leader. It made it hard to get fish to the boat,  We ended up with 5 tuna and 2 dolphin.

offshore fishing report oCMD


Had Michele Lambie and her family out for a little tuna fishing. It was kind of slow. We were fishing on the inshore grounds and got a few bites. Brought home some nice 50lb yellowfins.

Ocean City fishing report tuna


Found a handful or so of bites today, managed to get these 3 fat Yellowfins in the box. Fun day with Robert Hellens and friends. Try one more time tomorrow, appears we will be on land for the weekend! Bad weather



Crappy out today. We had some fun, but only 2 tuna bites. We caught some really nice squid, so I guess that will be dinner.

7-28 squid catch

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