“That’s Right” has arrived in Ocean City alive and well! The trip from the Keys was trouble free and it seems we have arrived just in time! As we rolled in Sunday morning I could hear the guys Offshore and the Tunas were SNAPPING! “That’s Right” is starting up on Wednesday with our first trip Offshore. It seems the fishing started up with the presence of a nice warm eddy moving in all along the 100 fathom curve between the Poor mans and Washington. The Yellowfin have been plentiful for the last 4 days with lots of smaller fish with a mixture of tunas up to 45 pounds. The troll bite has been working rather well. The smaller fish have been destroying the Plastics and the bigger fish are handling the dead bait rather well. The guys have been letting lots of Yellowfins go and managing to keep anywhere from 6 to 10 fish; this is great charter FISHING! The Bluefins are also plentiful just inside the yellowfins. There have been plenty of keeps with our slot limit this year is the same as last one which is one fish between 27” and 47” and one fish between 47” and 59”. And the beauty of this is that we are already getting both sizes!!! Lots of bites and plenty of action! The Makos have also started to show up along with some real nice size fish.

On the inshore side of Ocean City the fishing has been spectacular. Captain Jason and the “Lucky Break” (our 27’ center console) have been hard at for the last two weeks. Captain Jason has been wearing the fish out, as well as the anglers. The Stripers, Bluefish and Shad have been very productive with most of the bites on top water lures and small jigs. The best bite has been on the incoming tide. The anglers have been letting as many as 20 fish go with several keepers mixed in. The trick to getting some real nice fish has been the live Spot. The water has started to warm just a bit the last few days and Captain Jason has been able to start finding more Flounders and some Tatogs. These conditions should do nothing but improve each day now so hopefully the fish will keep biting!!

I still have a few days open over the next two weeks so if anybody is looking to get an early start on some great fishing give me a shout and we can get you out there. Whether it’s Offshore or Inshore we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t have enough guys to fill a charter then why not hop on one of our 12 hour open boat trips for just $300/person! Be sure to check out our currently scheduled open boat trips here!

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