Well, its that time of year again and the white Marlin have been showing again in full force. We have some video clips we put together of some enthusiastic white marlin recently. We have been finding some nice Mahi as well and the Big Eye Tuna’s have been crashing the parties as well. Also we are getting reports of a yellowfin bite getting better and better up north a bit so that should get going soon.

Capt John Reports:
Good to be back!! Guess the bite has been pretty good the last week, i get here and today its slow. However we manged to catch 4 out of 5 so we had no regrets. I would think that in several days the bite will really turn on. So if you want a great chance at catching some Marlins give us a call!

White’s on “That’s Right”

Overnighters are starting as well and we are running a special, book during the week and it’s $2800.00 for 22hrs of action packed all out fishing. Catch marlin, tuna , mahi and swords on this great fishing package. These trips leave from Atlantic City NJ and are base priced for 6ppl for $2800 or 8pl for $3000.00 We arrive in AC on September 14th This is a trip everyone needs to experience as there is nothing like it.

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