The beat goes on and the beasts are biting.
Capt John Reports of an insane yellowfin bite todays tally alone was 20 nice sized yellowfin a white Marlin released and an insane episode with an estimated 200lb big eye at the back of the boat.
As Capt. John Explained it they got covered up with yellowfin and the big girl grabbed a bait in the melee. As the yellowfins were landed, the baits were wound in to the rigger clips and dangled just above the waterline. The Battle with the Eyeball had her to the back of the boat, well a pod of yellowfin came up with her and all hell broke loose on the dangling baits as 10 to 12 tuna crashed the side of the Thats Right 3 came tight and 2 made a beeline for the back of the boat and cut the line on the Eyeball as she swam out of sight.

Along with the incredible tuna bite the Marlin bit has increased on a daily basis. Todays Trip released a white today also. So we’ve seen a nice marlin bite with several shots at whites daily and we have had the Blue suits show up as well

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