Ocean City, MD Fishing Report

Wow what a great week, plenty of yellowfin tuna for everybody!! The first of the week started out great with lots of bites and plenty of small Yellwofin ranging anywhere from 15lb to 60lb. Lots of throw backs but nobody seemed to mind as the action was pretty steady throughout the day.

We started out fishing in the Poormans from the 000 to the 900 and continued to move down the line with the fish. By the end of the week the fish had us in the Washington Canyon. Most of the action took place in 100 to 400 fathoms. As the week went by, we found ourselves fishing from 50 to 200 fathoms. Towards the end of the week (and as the weekend boat traffic picked up), the bites began to get tough to come by. For example, the week started out with 20 to 30 fish, mostly throw backs and by the end of the week we were averaging more like 6 to 15 fish a day. So over all it has been a lot of fun this week.

We managed to lose a real nice Wahoo one day, about 70lb’s. It’s hard to get the Wahoo on mono and he bit us off right at the boat. Not 10 minutes later, we got jumped by a 200lb Mako on a long rigger. We fought him for about 15 minutes until he broke us off, bummer. Oh well, we’ll get her next time!

The water also began to change towards the end of the week. In the beginning of the week, it was green with patches of dirt and clean and by the end we were noticing a blue tint to it. Seems the belly of water that is inshore in 30 fathoms has begun to mix with the offshore water, so hopefully, it will continue to be productive. The 30 fathom water is holding plenty of bait, both sand eels and squid. There have also been lots of whale and bird life inshore, but No fish,Hmmmmmm. We’ve been fishing a 12 line spread of 6 ballyhoo and 6 of our favoriteULTIMATE SPREADER BARS or daisy chains squids and Green Machines. The bigger Yellowfin Tuna have been eating the Ballyhoo pretty good and the little ones jumping on the plastic.

Tight Lines!!!
Capt.John Oughton – THAT’S RIGHT
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