Ocean City Maryland Fishing Charters

Ocean City, Maryland is the White Marlin Capitol of the World! That might be an understatement as after the last few years records are being broken every day with unbelievable numbers of fish caught per boat have become mind boggling. And that’s just the start of the abundance of pelagic species you can do battle with in the Maryland Offshore waters.We will be starting the season in June with a Shark fishery that has been holding its own for decades. Here you will find the giant Thresher Sharks as well as the slick and powerful Mako Shark, to the huge Tiger Shark and the docile Blue Shark. This time of year also brings the Bluefish and the beginning of the Bluefin Tunas. The nice part about all this is that the runs are short and the depths are inside 35 fathoms of water.
As we move into July you will now see the change in the waters…cleaner and warmer as the early season eddy’s move in from the Gulf Stream. In these waters you will now find Yellowfin tuna and perhaps some Big Eye tunas. The bite inside should be in full swing as the Bluefins have moved into the inshore humps and trenches that are by now loaded with sand eels and squid. You will also find a very nice bite of Dolphin and closer to the moon phases the Wahoo will make a nice showing.

August and September are the months that attract the most attention with the amount of different species you might encounter. White MarlinBlue Marlin, some Sailfish and even the Spearfish make a showing. The Tunas are also available in a variety of species including Yellowfin, Longfin, and Big Eye’s. By now the Dolphins and Wahoo’s are everywhere! The last few years we have also started to produce Swordfish during the day; the way we do it down in the Florida Keys. You can also enjoy a long range trip or even an overnighter during September into October; these trips allow for a lot more fishing time and an opportunity to be even more productive with the Tunas and Swords since they now have become much more active at night time.

The Ocean City inshore waters provide you with a much different type of fishery. The waters around Ocean City Maryland are full of Wrecks and many fades that have been put into the waters by the Reef Foundation over the years. Find yourself enjoying the shoreline on an Eco tour of Assateague Island, watch the ponies run wild and dig your toes in the sand searching for the delicious clams in our waters, or perhaps net a blue claw crab for dinner.

Our inshore guide will provide you with all that you need in order to enjoy the day on the water. You can find yourself drift fishing or anchored up on a wreck. These waters will produce Flounders, Sea Bass, Trout, and Blue fish, Striped Bass, Croakers, Red Drum and Tautog. All are very tasty and great action on light spinning tackle.

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