Live offshore report, tuna, dolphin and a wahoo

7:38:00 AM

Slow start lots of boats. Catch 2 single Yellowfins and a nice wahoo so far. Scattered bite. Few Bluefins above me. SW wind lite
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: N

Lat: N 38°06’26.5176″
Lon: W 74°19’26.7528″

8:43:15 AM
live offshore fishing reprts

Not much to it today. Flat calm. Scattered bites this AM but has slowed way down as we going along with the day
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: ENE

Lat: N 38°12’18.3060″
Lon: W 74°21’49.5828″

Jul 2, 2017 12:35:45 PM

Very very slow we have 3 Yellowfins and a wahoo. Winds SW light. Flat seas. 75 degrees

Lat: N 38°06’00.5616″ Lon: W 74°19’23.4300

Hard to find some consistency with these Tunas,ugg! Long day today catch a few Yellowfins,a Wahoo and Dolphin. Flat calm light winds and a whole lotta boats! Try again tomorrow.

Live offshore report, tuna, dolphin and a wahoo

Fun day with John Jackson and Jim Carr on “That’s Right” today. Nice catch of Yellowfins 40-50lb fish. Almost all bait bites from Baitmasters, only 2 bites on the bars today

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