The fishing in Islamorada for the month of March so far has been good, but it takes a lot of work because conditions have not been ideal. We had some rough days and days with no current and clear water. It makes us work a little harder for good results.

We have had king mackerel a lot this month. They especially like the cigar minnows. We have released quite a few groupers and are catching a little bit of everything along the way. I expect fishing to improve as the month goes on.

There are blackfin tuna showing uup on the humps and we are starting to get some dolphin



The weather has been great but the fishing conditions were tough. We fished hard through the bad conditions and put together some good catches.

We released a few groupers every day and had good catched of mutton snappers. The yellowtails have been tough, but we got a handful every trip


We got a handful of yellowtails and some mutton snappers. we then went deep dropping and came up with vermilion snapper and yelloweyes



Things have been tough lately and today was still tough. There are fish around, but you have to work for them. We have had quite a few groupers that we released and a lot of small muttons. We have been keeping a good amount of large yellowtails.


Still tough fishing. We are getting snappers and are still releasing a bunch of groupers. I can’t wait til May 1st , so we can keep some.


Things are improving and they should get better. The wind is picking p tonight and tomorrow and that should change things for the better. We have been catching fish. It has been a mixed bag , but variety is the spice of life.


Got some sailfish this week and a bunch of snappers. Things could be better. Hoping the East wind will pick things up

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