OVER 75 TUNAS in the last 5 days!!! Welcome back to Ocean City, MD! Wow, what a return for “That’s Right” and her charter guests. We started fishing on Wednesday and kept on through the weekend. “That’s Right” and the crew have enjoyed some great fishing with plenty of Yellowfin and Bluefin TUNAS. We have spent most of our time Offshore catching Yellowfins. This is real nice charter fishing with 35 to 45 pound fish. These fish were all on the troll and just to give you an idea on trolling (most of you already know but for those who don’t) this explanation is for them. We troll anywhere from 12 to 18 rods depending on the conditions. And when I refer to getting covered up perhaps now you can imagine what it is like to catch 9 out of 11 at once or perhaps the old 12 for 13. Well, that’s what was going on most of the time. We had so much fun with fish everywhere just looking for something to eat.

Now as the week went along the fish began to fill up on the plentiful amount of bait we have right now with squid, butterfish and sandeels inshore. They got a little picky by today, Monday, but we managed to catch several nice Yellowfins, but no Mako though. Then we had some pretty wild stuff on Friday and Saturday as “That’s Right” encountered back to back Makos on the troll with 130lb leader. They were nice sizes to 115 and 140lb’s. Not bad and with Captain Joe Bonvetti in the pit he did a great job on both fish. On Friday we decided to check up on the Bluefins so we stayed inshore and managed to catch and release over 45 Bluefins and of course got our keepers along with a Yellowfin mixed in with our Mako. The guys were worn out!!! Then back at it in the AM.

Captain Jason and the “Lucky Break” have been picking on the Flounders most of the week and working those hard to get shallow spots as well as his vast local knowledge of the surrounding waters inside the inlet. Plenty of action for the kids, lots of throw backs, however we are starting to see more and more keepers, which is a great sign for things to come this summer. The crabbing is also starting to get better as the water warms. Captain Jason said he has enjoyed some good pickin’s!!

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