Had the same group today as yesterdays tuna run and they decided they wanted to add something else to the bag of goodies they are taking home.

Capt. John Reports:

That’s Right kept it simple today…guys a little worn out from day before. We went out to catch a Mako to add to the table fare the guys already had. We fished in 30 fathoms just above the Hot Dog today. Started at about 9am and had our first bite around 10am. Catch a real nice 150lb Mako, he ate a bluefish at 50 feet down and kept common he wanted more, also ate our flat line so he had little chance. The water was green with about 20 feet of visibility and 64 degrees. That was our day we fished for about another hour did get a nice bite from a fish that looked to be a little bigger but we never came tight, back home by 1pm. We will be back to the Tunas after the storm passes.

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