Capt. Jason has a very unique opportunity for those adventurous type’s. Ride on the Bow of our 27ft carolina skiff Bow in Hand at the ready for your quarry to show its self. Hitting a moving target in the water takes some getting used to but once stuck these things put on quit the battle.
We encounter a variety of species available for Bow Fishing. We get the Cow Nose Ray, The Southern Ray and the Butterfly Ray. We also encounter sharks that we are allowed to harvest as well.

Rays are edible if you are looking to harvest for the table fare. They are also used commercially for pot bait. Rays need to be harvested and there numbers kept in check as rays are very hard on crustaceans. Clam’s, mussel’s, oysters and crabs take a beating when you consider a ray will eat its body weight a day in crustaceans so a 30lb ray will eat thirty lbs of clams, they are like vacuum cleaners.

We have the set ups with both right and left handed bows available, So if you want to try something different give us a call and we can set it up.

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