The weather has been a bit of an issue lately, thus keeping the That’s Right tied to the dock. Well when it has been nice to go the nice water that has moved in to the canyons has been full of life.

We have been finding some really great catches of Mahi Mahi up to 25lbs and plenty of White marlin action to report also. Pictures and audio reports are from Capt. John from a few trips hes taken this past week.

Capt John Reports:

Good fishing today, the week was pretty much a lose due to terrible weather. We enjoyed a perfect day, full of White marlin, and it seems the Mahi are here to stay for a while. We had several real nice ones up to 25 lb and plenty of heavy lifters. Not much to report on the Tunas, however there is lots of hope, as we are watching and waiting for a large piece of water to slide down just a little closer and it will be game on!!

That’s Right”… Finally the Dolphin seem to be here for the next several weeks. We spent the better part of our morning trolling and bailing some Dolphins. There was little to no current today so the fish were a little tough to get real aggressive, so we found ourselves having to catch several at once on the slow troll and at times were able to bail another 5 or 6. Great action and was a perfect day for weed line fishing!! We did see a few lazy White Marlin but again not real hungry, just lookers. We are going to take a look to the north tomorrow and hopefully we run into some Tunas, they are coming though just a little out of reach. Hopefully our timing is right and we land right on them in the AM!



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