white marlin

We are back in Ocean City at Fishermen’s Marina. The weather started out crappy and we didn’t get out until the 7th for a shark trip. We got a nice 365 lb thresher shark. It looks like the weather is turning bad again.

We got out once and then sat a whole week. Austin and Donald Churchill took the boat out finally on the 15th. They had a great day on nice sized yellowfins. 14 is a good day..  Made a quick turn around with a bachelor party and got a few sharks and released a big red drum.


We has a great day on the yellowfin today. The weather is looking great and the fishing is good. Looking forward to the week. We have had a few good days with a handful each day and 2 handfuls on the 20th. The tuna are here.

Open boat in July

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Saturday was a tough day, but we got some tunas and a few nice sized dolphins. The weather is good and the outlook is  good.

Sunday we went overnight.  We caught a lot of sharks including some makos. No makos were big enough to keep, but one only misse3d it by 2 inches. We got a 150lb swordfish and released some under bluefins.

On the 25th we Austin and Joe took an inshore trip. They released several under bluefin. The next 2 days were slow. We are gonna make some changes and try further offshore.

The 28th was a good day for Austin and Joe. It was slick and calm which makes it hard, but they got a handful of yellowfins and some gaffer dolphin

not much to it, few Bluefins and few dolphins. See a White Marlin here and there. Hope the week picks up, the last few seasons says it should ????‍♂️????
Looking for 2 more for an Open Boat trip July11th and 3 more July 16th if interested hit me up, Thanks

white marlin

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