Adapting to the conditions to keep our clients on fish. Must say we love to troll, But the chunk bite blew wide open recently and we do what it takes to put our clients on fish. The last few days has been very good. Give us a call for dates in August. We are running a special for 22hr overnight trips. Also we have July 3oth open at a special rate. $1800.00 12 hr tuna trip.

Capt. John Reports:
Well I had to go to the Dark side lately, and you all know how much i love that!!! Anyhow Chunking on the inshore lumps has proven itself over the last week. Not much in the way of Bluefins but seems to be plenty of Yellowfins. We have been using live bait and some poppers and both have been great producers. Fishing in about 120′ to 130′ of water, sea temps are about 80 degrees right now. The weather has been nice a small chop helps with getting the fish going. We will be doing this everyday till they quite on us!! The Marlins and some dolphin have been steadily showing up offshore

Another great morning!! We started at 5:45 and we finished at 8am. Had the fish behind the boat all morning. Feeder bites on butterfish and live spot. 40lb floro on our new stand up gear from Shimano, Talaca’s load with 60lb braid and a top shot of 60 lb. This new equipment is the best yet easy to use and simple to handle. Back at it in the am!!

Another good day inshore chunking the Yellowfins, little slow overall but still a great day we had about 15 bites and came home with 10 of those bites. All on butterfish. These new Shamiano Talac’s are bad ass. We are able to beat up these 40 to 60 pound fish rather nicely. We are trying again in the am, should be pretty rough but that doesnt stop the fish from biting!!!

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