Jun 13, 2017
7:39:15 AM


Started in 400 fathoms today. Catching small Bluefins so far. In search mode now 65.5 green water
Speed: 5.00 mph
Course: SSW

Lat: N 37°46’40.1880″
Lon: W 74°01’47.9928″

jun 13, 2017 10:16:30 AM
 ocmd offshore report
Not much to report. Plenty of the small Bluefins. No overs yet. Few eye balls caught out here also. 500 fathoms behind Poormans 66 degrees
Speed: 6.91 mph Course: W
Elevation: 7.71 ft. Batt: Normal
Lat: N 37°38’56.6628″ Lon: W 73°59’31.2648″
Jun 13, 2017 11:27:00 AM
Lots of under Bluefins out here. Probably let go 40 already. No overs yet for us
Speed: 6.27 mph Course: W
Elevation: -5.61 ft. Batt: Normal
Lat: N 37°40’37.5888″ Lon: W 74°07’03.2448″



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