8:20:15 AM

Pretty nice out. Rainy 2-3 foot seas.

Slow start, catch a gaffer. Few Tunas caught. Not much though. Poormans to Baltimore
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: WSW

Lat: N 37°52’29.9280″
Lon: W 73°51’48.0096″


9:33:00 AM

Catching a few throw backs now. 100 fathoms 67 green water
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: NNW

Lat: N 38°01’29.0748″
Lon: W 73°55’14.5740″


Catch a pair of 50lbs Yellowfins. 67 green water
Speed: 7.56 mph Course: SE

Lat: N 38°01’56.0748″ Lon: W 73°55’26.6196″

Just a slow pick of throw backs,BLTs and few 50pounders. All Yellowfins. 67 degrees. Still nice out. Less rain now
Speed: 7.56 mph Course: WNW
Lat: N 38°01’36.2208″ Lon: W 73°55’13.0260″
Live off shore fishing report


Couple more 50lb yellows Few throw backs. Same area 67 degrees
Speed: 6.27 mph Course: SSW
Lat: N 38°02’16.6596″ Lon: W 73°53’36.3120″


Box is filling up with some nice 50lb Yellowfins. All bait bites. 100 to 70 fathoms. Still holding 67 degrees. Sunny out now
Speed: 6.91 mph Course: WSW
Elevation: 14.34 ft. Batt: Normal
Lat: N 38°02’27.0528″ Lon: W 73°53’33.5328″


Getting ready to head in. Nice catch of 50lb Yellowfins. Best of it was in 80 fathoms 67 degrees clean green water. Hope there here in AM.
Speed: 6.27 mph Course: WSW

Lat: N 38°00’51.0336″ Lon: W 73°54’49.6980″

Live offshore fishing report

Jun 23, 2017 1:52:45 PM

Slow day for us few fish. Starting to get windy going to be headed home shortly. No fishing again till Sunday
Speed: 6.91 mph Course: WSW

Lat: N 38°10’49.5840″ Lon: W 74°25’53.5296

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