6:04:30 AM

Not much to it last night. Catch a Yellowfin let go a mako. Trying my luck in Dog now. Rough NNW wind about 20 knots.
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: NNW

Lat: N 38°09’07.0776″
Lon: W 74°13’36.8976″

7:34:15 AM
Live offshore fishing report hot dog

Little better on the troll now. Picking at a few nice Yellowfins. We have a handful. 72.7 clean green
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: N

Lat: N 38°11’07.1196″
Lon: W 74°14’30.3540″

9:07:15 AM

Couple more single Yellowfins. 50-60 pound fish. 24 fathoms still rough
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: W

Lat: N 38°11’39.1020″
Lon: W 74°14’51.9828″

9:55:00 AM

Still working same area in 24 fathoms. Up to 2 handfuls now. Working out well. Seas are 4-6. Still NW winds all 50lb Yellowfins
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: WNW

Lat: N 38°10’56.5788″
Lon: W 74°14’27.6468″

12:42:00 PM

All good. 3 guys are safe I’m running them in. USCG on scene dealing with the boat. Try our luck again tomorrow
Speed: 26.03 mph
Course: W

Lat: N 38°15’38.6460″
Lon: W 74°37’17.3280″


Sorry been a few days since we shared….. Ok Yellowfin action last few days. Nice 50lb class fish, most all bites on ballyhoo from Baitmasters. We had the privilege of fishing with Matt Price from Australia, we tried some different techniques with him and did catch a Yellowfin on the Fly rod! Henery Henry Warren and his buddies also had some good action. 
Finally today we were able to help a few guys out from Cape May NJ, there center console was taking in water so we put them on our boat and towed the boat for a bit in order to keep the water from filling up the boat. The USCG met up with us about 35 miles off the beach. Everyone safe and sound!

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