The July tuna fishing in Ocean City , Md improved from the end of June.. The month ended with a couple of bad weather days, then we got a shot offshore and landed a bunch of dolphin and some tuna.

The water has been hot and no wind which makes it tough fishing.

We got a few dolphins and some white marlin on the 2nd. The tuna are here, we are gonna get some..

July 4th.  Happy 4th . we got a few tuna and some dolphin.


Well it’s not calm anymore. We have been blown out the last 3 days. We are open on Tuesday. Give me a call

Boat for sale

I would like to take a minute and let all know that “That’s Right” is official up for sale. The reason for this move is to allow me to have a new Boat built!! I’m not done nor am I finished Charter fishing. Just wanted all to know, I certainly don’t need any false rumors going around.

thats right charter boat

July 10th. Got 4 guys to fill in the cancellation. We had a nice day with a handful of yellowfin tuna and a couple of dolphins.

OCMD tuna catch

7-11 .

Mich and the boys tore them up today. A bunch of dolphin, a few tuna and a white marlin.



Ocean CityTuna Tournament.

Had a good first day. Michelle Lambe is sitting in first place in the women’s tuna with a 59lb yellowfin and the second place dolphin with a  24lb dolphin. Gonna Sunday. Gonna sit out tomorrow and finish on Sunday.

Michelle’s fish held up. She was first place ladies angler.


Open Boat days

These will be our last Open Boat trips until late August early September. I need 3 more for Aug 1st and we will offer a trip on August 11th a Saturday!!!! $300 per person. If you can make it work please hit me up 305-481-6527


Fishind inshore. Got a couple yellowfin and a 125lb bluefin. Bad weather Tuesday, will be back at it Wednesday.

7-19. Sat at the dock for 2 days. Got out today, but things were slow. We got 1 yellowfin and a few dolphin. Did a little better today. Got some yellowfins and dolphins. Problem is that it is all early morning bite. Can’t keep it going all day..

Ocean City, Md tuna fishing

July 26- 7

straight days with bad weather. No fishing.


The weekend was slow. Managed a few tunas and dolphins but no big ones. Snuck out today and got  a  couple of over bluefins (only kept one)

Weather has us stuck in again.

OCMD bluefin

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