We are back tuna fishing in Ocean City, Md and are happy to be here. It will be an exciting summer with great prospects for good fishing.

The weather was tough for the first couple of days, and didn’t do much. Then we got a good day. We a few good bites and ended up with some nice yellowfin and mahi. We also released some small bluefins.

Tuna fishing in Ocean city


We has a good couple of days on That’s Right. We got into some yellowfin tuna and some keeper bluefin tuna.

We had a bachelor party out and wore down Domenick and his buddies with some bigeye tuna.

June 11

Fished on the 10th, had great weather and good fishing. Has a bunch of nice sized tuns. The weather is not good today or tomorrow.

Ocean city tuna fishing

6-14 The last 2 days have been great. We had a large group one day and did well on the tuna. Had a couple nice sized fish.


Happy flag day. It was a great day in Ocean City, Md. All the boats were into fish. We had a good group and did well today.

Ocea City tuna

6-18. It was a tough weekend. We got out Saturday and got a few bluefins. Sunday was a no go due tto the weather, Monday we had a better day with a catch of yellowfins up to 65lbs.

OCMD yellowfin tuna

6-19. A great day today for tuna fishing in Ocean City, Md. All the boats seemed to be on the tuna. We had a great catch of yellowfins from 35 to 60lbs.

June 20

Slow day offshore. Unbelievable. Things have been so good lately.

6-21  Better today. A little slow on the tuna , but had a nice catch of mahi mahi. Some big ones in the mix.

Nice dolphin catch

6-24. Austin and Jason found the meat today. The weather got better and the fishing was much improved.

They put the boys on the tuna. Nice catch


Another beautiful day on the water. We found the tuna again today. Great action all day long. There were also marlin and dolphin in the mix today. Most OCMD boats did well.

Ocean City Md Tuna


A little slower on the tuna today, but we got a blue marlin and a white marlin. Not too shabby.

Lost a couple of days due to 8-10 foot seas. Tried one day and had to turn back. On the 29th we got out and had a pretty good day.  Got some tuna and some dolphin

OCMD dolphin

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