Not much to report. Few small Bluefins 66 degrees behind the Poormans no Yellowfins yet
Speed: 6.91 mph Course: WSW
Lat: N 37°48’55.1016″ Lon: W 74°00’54.7740″


Finding more small Bluefins. Only heard of couple overs. No Yellowfins yet. 300 fathoms 66.5 degrees
Speed: 8.21 mph Course: NNW
Lat: N 37°48’32.8140″ Lon: W 74°02’15.7236″


Found a few overs now 100lb fish. Bluefins 66 degrees 500 fathoms. Behind the Poormans

bind=”visible: oneCoord()==false”>Lat: N 37°45’45.6516″Lon: W 74°01’41.5056″

Speed: 6.91 mph Course: NNE



Not much to find. Plenty of small Bluefins couple overs Not much action on the Yellowfins today
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: WNW

Lat: N 37°43’26.3748″
Lon: W 74°09’13.4820″

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