Well we dropped one off on Sunday and grabbed the other group and pointed “That’s Right” Back to the Canyon. Got to the grounds and it was like we never left. Had 7 on as soon as we got their and had the Tuna box full by 6:30pm released a bunch more, set up on troll as we had a white come up while we were drifting. Set up for the night after not seeing anything for us on troll.

Set up the Sword baits and the shark rods, Ended up getting a Mako in the 130lb range to add to the Steaks for the charter and they went home sore and happy.

Just Opened up an Open Boat Over Night for the 29th to the 30th. Get in now $499 per person



Yellowfin 1

Thats Right




full load

Yellowfin 3

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